The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing Is You.

The Most Important Thing Is You.

Your motivation to reach towards something new is the most crucial, centrally important thing.  Studies show that in the process of positive growth, your motivation is a central factor in predicting positive outcome.  I mention this because you are, right now, engaged in reaching for something new – you must be to come to this website.  This means you’re paying attention to some frustration, something that doesn’t work.  You’re not just drowning it out with denial or avoidance, or trying to push it to the side.  It’s the willingness to consider taking a step to address that directly.  Just so you know – it’s not easy, for anyone, to make the turn to facing life difficulties directly!    So this is a valuable and important moment.  It’s cheesy, but it’s important.  The most important thing is You, and your motivation.     Without that, movement is much less likely.  And with it, anything is possible.

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Reach For What You Want!

Hundreds of studies on the efficacy of psychotherapy and positive change processes have shown clearly: 1. that psychotherapy does produce positive outcomes in a majority of cases, particularly with top therapists (you’ll have to decide whether I fit that or not) and 2. that a huge portion of the positive change that comes out of psychotherapy is a product of your own motivation going into it.  My job is to strengthen that, from the beginning, which is why I’m starting it already.

Studies also show that the likelihood of positive change increases even more with action.  If, now or soon, you act in some way on your desire for change, odds improve even more.  There are many powerful ways to support your health and wellness in life – make use of at least one of them!

Therapy has its place as a powerful healing agent.  It can be a healthy and useful support for keeping your spark alive. This reaching out that you are doing (by being on this website, and any other searching you are doing) – is important.  It means you are already on the way.  So whatever it is – whether it is calling me, or some other venue for positive change that you choose – keep going!