Introductory Offer

First, give me a call and I will do a phone consultation for free – this gives you some sense of whether this can be helpful.

imgres (34)Second, have an initial session – in this you’ll get a really clear sense of what therapy can offer you.  You’ll get some sense of how I work and whether the fit is good between us to support your process.  If at the end of that meeting it doesn’t feel like a good fit, there is no charge.

If at the end of that session, you can feel and see that it feels like a good fit,  then the first session is charged and we keep going.  Otherwise, not. Simple!  It is more important to me that you find someone to work with where the fit is good, where you clearly feel you will be helped, than to have you work with me.  If not, I will give you some referrals for other counselors in the Boulder or Denver (Arvada) area who I know do good work.

PlantThe important thing is this: if you really are in a time when some support is needed, then do it!  Whether with myself or someone else you find, on the web, in the phone book, through a friend or doctor – do what you need to get those services.  Sit down with one psychotherapist, or whatever you want to try, and if that doesn’t work, try something else!