Couples Therapy

Out Beyond right and wrong there is a field, I’ll meet you there. – Rumi

3 Couples 2Couples Work

Do you keep fighting over the same things?

Are you missing the good feelings that brought you together? 

Do you want to recharge the vitality in your relationship? 

There is a way out of struggle…

With relationship, somehow a part of us always thinks it will be easier than it actually turns out to be.  Relationship challenges can be incredibly frustrating.  And it can be embarrassing to recognize things have gone so differently than we thought they were supposed to!  It can be hard to look at our own behavior, when in conflict, is often less mature than we’d like to think.  The good news is that all of these things are normal, and there are ways to recreate and refind the love you want.


Couples often struggle in darkness, not having good models or practice with communication. We then attempt to resolve these problems by “going around them” in some way.  At some point it becomes clear that going around isn’t going anywhere.

3 Couples 3It is possible for couples to stay together and actually resolve their differences and meet each other’s needs with satisfaction.  And if you can learn to do this, it will take your whole life up several notches!   Couples who stay together and thrive through difficult times are able to stay constructive in their dialogue, communicate deeply about what’s really important to them.  If you both want to work through it, there is a way.

I offer an introductory meeting which is free if we don’t end up working together.   If you have the desire to enhance your relationship and come out of unproductive cycles, I can help.

This is how I would die into my love for you, as a cloud dissolves in sunshine. – Rumi