Why Therapy?

2 Why Therapy 1Most environments these days don’t support a healthy way of relating to ourselves. There are so many things to do, or think that we should be doing. We are largely directed towards the surface of things, and to ignore what is going on inside of us. One day, either an emptiness in these pursuits follows us, or some internal becomes too great to bear. It feels hard to take another step. Something needs to shift.

And probably we all know there is another way to deal with difficulties. Looking at other people’s lives around you, it’s easy to see the avoidance of important things. But it’s very hard to recognize it in our own life. And this is normal! We so desperately want to just be able to power through, or ignore and wait out our difficulties. And many fear that turning towards them will be a breakdown. But the truth is it is usually a break-through, or it leads to one.

2 Why Therapy 2Here’s the key: the difference between breakdown and breakthrough is getting the right support so that you burn through, or melt through, the difficulty, instead of getting stuck in it. That’s where an expert therapist can be enormously helpful.

I offer psychotherapy services to couples and individuals with offices in Boulder and Denver (Arvada). Be sure to check out my introductory offer!