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“We are connected as a couple in a way I never felt before. I feel secure, which is something I didn’t realize I’d never had. The whole change coincides with us coming to see you, which has been a wonderful shift in our relationship” – [couple]

“We were fighting about this one thing, over and over again.  I kept on trying to avoid it, but [my wife] couldn’t seem to let it go.  You helped us work through this thing in a way that actually left us in peace.  I had no idea how I was making things worse – the way I was talking about it.  I knew that she was aggravating me, but I didn’t realize how I was doing things was actually hurting her (and the relationship.  I just don’t do that anymore.  And it’s been amazing – getting through this together is a little like a new honeymoon.”   – [husband/couple]


“You held space for me to fall apart, and find lost pieces of myself, and come back together.  The process was so healing, and I feel so much hope when I look forward.   Where i was before to where I am now – big differences.” (male client)

“What I like [about therapy] is you’re able to be with all the parts of me, and meet them in a way that I feel supported.  It’s like you really accept all of me, and you’re able to show me how to do that myself.   That’s what makes me enjoy the work with you.”  (male client)

“Hello Josh.  A couple months ago my wife and I had 2 sessions with you. I’m sending this note to let you know how things have progressed. Things are great in our marriage at this point.   We sincerely appreciate your time and concern. The short time we had with you was extremely valuable. Thank You! ” (couple client)


“The phone call I made to you was the most important one I made in my life.  Thanks for helping me change course.   I really appreciate it, man.”   (male client)


“We are happier with each other than we’ve been in almost 20 years.  I feel more connected to my wife than ever lately.  This has been really, really helpful.”  (couple client)


“You’ve made such a difference with our daughter.  We are so grateful.  She has grown and changed so much in the last 6 months, it’s surprised us and her too I think.  She says how helpful it’s been.  Thanks!”  (parent of teenager)


“I didn’t really expect it to work as fast as it did.   I’d been struggling with anxiety for months and pretty much from the first session, things started getting better.   It took a while, but the way you explained things made sense to me, and I tried the exercises you gave me.  I’m pretty much free of anxiety now, or it’s at a low level which doesn’t disrupt life.   I’m active and doing things again, going out, and enjoying nature too.   Thanks for the help!”  (male client)


“Lately something unusual is happening with us – it’s like we don’t forget we’re on the same team. This whole thing is really surprising – life is still too busy and chaotic, but we can have a storm swirling around us, and together we feel calm, we feel good.  We have so much more confidence about moving forward with our relationship.”   – (couple client)


“Things are starting to get really, really good, and I’m just excited to see what’s next.  You helped me save my marriage, and that was the most important thing in the world to me.  I didn’t realize how much stuff I was carrying that made it impossible to really be there for my wife.   With your help I cleared out so much crap, and I feel so light and happy.  And sometimes being at home feels like heaven.  Thanks!”  (male client)


“Today I feel totally connected to my Self, and it turns out, that is a mysterious person.  I feel that the most important thing is just being myself, and I’m naturally letting go of pleasing others and stressing myself out with all of that.  People are responding – it seems being myself is something other people like too – now that is really weird!  But I could get used to it!  ”    -(male client).


“I’ve been to a lot of therapists, and you are definitely the best. I really didn’t like the idea of therapy and thought the whole thing would be weird, but once I’ve gotten into it, it’s really helping me. No one ever taught me how to work through emotions and I didn’t think there was any value in it. But I’m really starting to like it, because it actually works.” – male client


“We are getting such a great return on investment with our couple counseling.  We were so stuck.  And in the same places every time, the same argument.  You’ve helped us to take apart what’s happening, and figure out what the real issues are.  And it turns out that both of us can win, when we pay attention to each other and get on the same team.  This has been so helpful.  Thanks Josh.”    – couple client.

“I really appreciate all the work you’ve done with me. I deeply appreciate you as a human being, and what you’ve contributed to me.” – female client

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“We needed some help – we were stuck, unable to talk about disagreements without fighting and things were getting out of hand.   Josh helped us with a way to talk through stuff, without it getting worse and worse.  Things have gotten a lot better.  I think sometimes you just need a place to air things.  Thanks Josh!”

– (couple client)


“Josh is a very open, caring man who loves to help others and has the capacity to go beneath the surface to the core of whatever issues you may be dealing with. It is a well known saying in the therapy universe that we, as therapists, can only facilitate healing for a client to the extent that we have walked the walk ourselves. Josh Medley has walked the walk.”

–  M.N.  (Denver)

“Josh has an amazing capacity to give guidance  through the healing process. His wide knowledge and integration of the many therapeutic modalities supported by a deep contemplative foundation allows him to adapt to a great variety of clients presenting a wide range of problems. What is most striking about Josh is his compassion which makes a person to feel seen, open, and truly cared for as a fellow human being.”
–  (male client)

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“Josh has training in several advanced modalities, which when combined with his inborn skills of curiosity, compassion and intelligence make him an intuitive therapist.   Josh is perceptive, intuitive, with a true commitment to his profession.  He has a strong desire to be of service to others and is dedicated to his own personal and professional growth, something I consider essential for an outstanding therapist.  His gentle but authentic and humorous approach makes him very effective at supporting, inspiring and guiding others.”

– Rev. Lori Ohlson, MA, LPC , Director of People House.