Personal Growth/Nondual Therapy

In modern western culture, people often think success in the worldly forms (career, marriage, family, money, prestige) – will give a satisfying answer to the unspoken questions of life.  And yet, at the end of a long series of endea1327192486201vors, many successful people arrive at a place of something missing.  And those who feel they lack success also wonder whether the mad rush to stay on top of modern life is really getting them anywhere of value.  Indeed, something profound is often missing – and the process of becoming successful can leave no time for focusing on these questions at all.  At the end of the material search, the questions often return in full force.  What is true satisfaction?  What is real meaning?

imgres (16) If we are unlucky, these questions will simply lead us to a new object to seek.  If we are lucky, the questions here lead us to the person asking the question, the subject, the psyche, yourself.  Awareness gets compressed in the process of worldly seeking, and there is no space to discover what is really you, and what is the idea given by society.  There is so much richness inside every human being – and the tools to uncover this richness are not physical instruments or capital.  It is attention, awareness, and taking some time to get to know what is really there.  Therapy can be used as a venue for such personal discovery, or an adjunct to other forms of self-discovery you may already be pursuing.  To find one’s connection to the divine is a great help to many people.