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• Are you dealing with a challenging period of life or life situation?

• Have you tried to get around it, but keep finding yourself in the same place?

• Do you find yourself wishing the situation or feelings just weren’t there?




Josh Medley

Josh Medley, MA, NCC, Psychotherapist

Life difficulties can be so very challenging. But very positive outcomes can come from facing them. People often suffer for a long time, being stuck with some repetitive challenging issue – before considering there might be another way. There is. In almost every case you face, there is a way to get past the situation, usually by going through it in a way that you haven’t yet found. That’s what I help you to do.

These situations become the weak link in the chain of your enjoyment of life. And just like a weakest link, they can limit how much you can enjoy life and how much can be accomplished. Great outcomes can come from facing these situations, and the quality of life can suddenly shift upwards when we resolve or strengthen that weak link.

This is what I do – I help you get to the other side, by turning towards what’s happening in a way that you probably haven’t done before, or a way that you might be able to do on your own, but will do much faster with focused teamwork.

I enjoy being of service. Call me to discuss how I may be of service to you! Check out my introductory offer – there are two free ways to take a test drive.


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