The School of Transpersonal Psychology is offering a series of workshops to learn

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Living

through direct experience and hands-on exercises.

Topics explored in this first workshop are:

· What is Transpersonal Counseling

· Accessing your Wholeness

· Experiencing mindfulness of body, emotions, and mind in a Transpersonal way

· Becoming Transpersonal in your relationships
When: Saturday May 25th from 10am-5pm

Cost: $100 or $80 for students, and $10 discount for early registration (by May 5th)

Location: Denver at People House 3035 West 25th Ave. Denver CO 80211. 25 people maximum.


To Register please e-mail us at: OurWorldWisdom@gmail.comOr call:

Igor Giusti MA: 443-254-8935

Josh Medley MA: 720-204-0909

Fax: 303-328-2215

Number of Registrants