imgres (22)Trauma results when the energy of an event gets stuck in the body and mind.  This clump of memory, emotion, and sensation produces tension and anxiety and more.  It’s a bit like you were near something that exploded, and a piece of shrapnel gets embedded in your body.  Just as the body tries unsuccessfully to push it out, and sometimes the immune system attacks it, creating inflammation and additional problems.  Similarly, the mind tries to push the energy of this event away, the mind tries to wall it off where it won’t cause problems.  Sometimes this pushing creates additional problems as well.   Often, as with physical trauma, our own natural capacities for healing aren’t enough.  There’s no shame in that – just as you wouldn’t think a person had ‘failed’ if they needed an operation to remove a bullet.  Sometimes we need some help to resolve the wound.

imgres (21)Psychotherapy is much gentler than surgery!  We begin with a phase of creating a safe emotional space.  The healing comes through your own growing ability to be aware, so we support that and encourage that.  As this safety develops, it becomes natural to turn towards the challenging aspects of experience.  There is a natural, organic process of finding where the traumatic energy resides and making gentle contact, allowing that energy to discharge.  This process unburdens those parts of you that hold the charge.  As it resolves, this can bring a triumphant, satisfying sense of release.  The last phase of the work is to reconnect with and engage those parts of life that may have gotten disconnected while the ‘shrapnel’ was inside.

It’s best to do this work as soon as possible, once you recognize it is needed.  I am trained in methods of trauma work that are extremely gentle and effective.  You might be surprised to learn, this kind of work can be very rewarding and actually help you grow in other parts of your life as well.