Eating Disorders

4 Eating Disorders 1Do you struggle with eating too much, or eating too little?

Is your relationship with food filled with negative emotions like guilt or shame?

Are you worried about the long term health effects of eating habits?

Would you like to finally feel at peace with food? 

People who develop eating disorders are often sensitive and intelligent people, and often this sensitivity and intelligence gets pitted against you.  Many times there is a lot of self-aggression and pain that goes with the whole thing.  It’s very hard to turn around, because the very thing you turn to for soothing becomes your jailer.  And it’s not really possible to avoid food.  But it is possible to change.

You need an approach that is extremely gentle and respectful  – to help create some positive space with the emotions and feelings.  This allows for some leverage with changing habits – and some of the change happens by itself.  I am trained in a method of work that was developed from work with eating disorders, which is particularly suited to helping people overcome them.  One of the key things is to take the risk and break the secrecy.  I am a safe person to talk to, and I can help.