“Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. ”
— Corrie Ten Boom

19943415_a21ae079f1One of the most common reasons people come to therapy is dealing with anxiety.  So to begin with – it can be helpful to recognize that anxiety is very common and even fairly normal.  That doesn’t mean you have to just live with it.  The field of psychotherapy has developed many effective approaches to dealing with anxiety, whether in the form of severe fixations like obsession or compulsion, or general forms like worry and preoccupation.  Often the key is finding the right pace of turning towards the emotion.  The tendency is to avoid the state of fear, which paradoxically strengthens it.  Sometimes shame becomes a secondary obstacle to facing the experience.

Modern life, such as many cope with in the Boulder Denver area has many stressors.  But here’s the good news – this is a really treatable condition.  Anxiety is one of the most treatable kinds of psychological challenge.  A supportive environment and good, collaborative relationship help to reinforce the courage to tackle the experience.